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Cretaceuos period
Gaogou Formation
Henan Province, China


Segnosaurus was a rather large therizinosaurid. In 2010 Gregory S. Paul estimated the body length at 6 metres (19.5 ft). Segnosaurus had an elongated head, large clawed hands, a somewhat elevated torso, a broad strong pelvis, stocky legs and a short tail. 

Segnosaurus can be distinguished from all other therizinosaurs on the basis of two unique derived traits (autapomorphies). The in total forty-eight mandibular teeth are markedly peg-like and only slightly recurved: the front or mesial edge is curved and the back or distal edge is straight. The second autapomorphy is that the claws of the hand are rather flat instead of very narrow. In the same formation the closely related Erlikosaurus is found; Segnosaurus can be distinguished from this species by its moderate transverse compression of the pedal unguals or foot claws.


This egg comes with a flash drive containing the actual images from a CT scan showing the inside of the egg.  Some of those images are highlighted above. The scan was done by myself and proves authenticity as well as giving a look at the contents in the egg. This is something that can rarely be done and adds to the value as well as tells a complete story of the specimen. The egg comes from an old collection that has been passed down. 

Segnosaurus Dinosaur Egg

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