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What once started as a hobby for a little 6 year old boy with a love for dinosaur teeth, developed into a passion to uncover and share Earths true beauty with others.


Heritage fossils is a third generation, family owned and operated, sterling silver jewelry, mineral and fossil company dedicated to bringing our customers some of the most beautifully designed specimens, retrieved from around the world!  We specialize in unique one of a kind sterling silver jewelry as well as minerals and fossils of all sizes, collected either by us or sourced directly from other fossil and mineral mine owners. We clean, prepare, customize, and design each piece while maintaining its true authenticity. A variety of our items come with custom stands, unique characteristics, and specialized display features. Heritage fossils prides themselves on bringing you one of a kind natural art that is customized to its owner. Our jewelry, minerals and fossils are sure to make not only a beautiful display but a true conversational piece for generations to enjoy.


Yes, we even have dinosaur teeth for those hobby driven 6 year old boys (and girls!)

Our specimens are prepared in the United States, and shipped directly to you. If you are interested in a particular item that is not listed on our site, please let us know. There are many items we may have in stock but due to a steadily changing inventory and/or continuous mineral and fossil showcases, we may not have been able to list them. 

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