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Due to the larger size and weight of this specimen it will be shipped in a custome made crate. We are unable to calculate freight shipping costs through the website at this time. We will calculate and invoice the shipping cost to you seperately. For shipping quotes and estimates prior to purchase please contact us at 


Featured here is my personal favorite type of fossil out of the Green River Formation in Wyoming. The stingray known as Heliobatis radians is one of the two types of stingray fossils that can be found in the Green River Formation. Stingrays are amongst the most rare fossils found in this formation due to thier skeletons being made of cartilage. This material decays much more rapidly then bone making complete well preserved fossils nearly impossible to find. This beautifully preserved museum quality specimen sits on a varying colored stone matrix for a visually appealing presentation. The barb on the tail used for defense can be felt when lighlty running your finger across it. It is truly amazing that such beauty can still be found so many years later.



Measurements of the plate are 16.5" wide by 16.5" tall ray disc has a 6" diameter. It is backed with 3/4 cabinet grade plywood and metal french cleats ready to hang in the home or office.


Stingray Fossil 16" plate

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