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Sodalite is a beautiful dark blue and clean white colored stone. It sometiemes gives the appearance of lighting shooting through the night sky.


It is a stone that can aid in bringing order and calmness to the mind.  It can encourage rational thought, bring emotional balance and can calm panic attacks.  It can enhances self-esteem.


Sodalite may also aid inpreventing insomnia, balancing the metabolism, enhancing the immune system and adjusting calcium deficiencies. It can fight against radiation damage caused by electromagnetic smog. It can lower fevers, lower blood pressure and stimulate the absorption of body fluids.


Great size of tumbled stone that fits well in your pocket keeping it close to you for the most health and spiritual benefit. All gemstones are intended to be used as anciallary aids and not inteded to replace any medical treatments. The use of gemstones for their metaphysical properties has been around for centuries but is difficult to measure their true capabilities.


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