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Due to the larger size and weight of this specimen it will be shipped in a custome made crate. We are unable to calculate freight shipping costs through the website at this time. We will calculate and invoice the shipping cost to you seperately. For shipping quotes and estimates prior to purchase please contact us at 


Phareodus is a rare species of fish found in the Green River Formation of Wyoming. Phareodus meaning "to have tooth" are known for their long pectoral fins, larger scales, and numerous pointed teeth. They are suggested to have been active hunters due to their sharp teeth. Also, the remains of other larger fish bones and scales found in their stomachs. They may have had organs that enabled them to "breathe air" like today's Arowana and Arapaima. Their jaws were also hinged at the bottom which might mean they spent most of their time at the surface. Phareodus predated on Knightia, Priscacara, and other small fish.


Along side of this beautifully preserved fish is a partial palm frond. This adds to the visual appeal as well as tells a story of the conditions in which this fish lived. Both specimens boast a high level of preservation and detail making for a stunning visual appeal. 


Measurements of the plate are 28" wide x 26" tall with the phareodus measuring 11.5" long. It is backed with 3/4 cabinet grade plywood and metal french cleats ready to hang in the home or office.

Pharodius and Palm Leaf 28" Plate

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