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Peridot has been known as a powerful cleanser releasing and neutralizing toxins on all levels.  It may alleviate jealousy, resentment, spite, bitterness, irritation, hatred and greed.  It has been said to reduces stress, anger and guilt.  Peridot may open our hearts to joy and new relationships.  It may enhance confidence and assertion, motivating growth and change.  Helps to alleviate  lethargy, apathy and exhaustion.  Peridot may oush you to take responsibility for your own life.


Peridot has been said to strengthen the immune system, metabolism and benefits the skin.  It may aid in disorders of the heart, thymus, lungs, gallbladder, spleen and intestinal tract. It may balance bipolar disorders and overcomes hypochondria.


The tree of life has many spiritual and religious meanings that can be interpreted in many ways. The beauty of this symbol is that you can find a meaning that you can relate to. Here are some of the universal representations of the tree of life:

  • Interconnectedness

The tree of life represents how everything is interconnected. We don’t exist in a vacuum but are connected with the world around us. The circular aspect of the symbol represents the world and the tree represents everything in it. It also shows a cyclical structure with everything connected.

  • Stability, Strength and Growth

A tree is a symbol of stability and strength. We use the metaphor of a tree with roots spreading into the ground to talk about strength, stability and being grounded. It also symbolizes growth as a tree is the result of years of slow, patient growth from a vulnerable sapling to a sturdy tree.

  • Individuality

Every tree is unique and has its own characteristics, if you look for them. Thus, a tree of life symbolizes this aspect of trees. At the start, all trees look alike but as they grow, each tree becomes unique, with no two trees are exactly alike. As time passes, trees gain character and beauty, weathering all sorts of trials and challenges to remain strong and upright. Like the tree, we too are different and the tree of life reminds us of that.

  • Rebirth

A tree may lose its leaves and appear to be dead, but when the conditions are right, the tree comes back to life, with beautiful leaves appearing again. As such, the tree of life symbolizes rebirth and getting through the hard times. It represents a fresh start, a new leaf turned over.

  • Fertility and Family

The word tree is often used to talk about the connection to family and to ancestors. We say family tree to symbolize the many family links to various people through the generations.

A tree is symbolic of fertility in that it finds a way to perpetuate, whether by seed or sapling. It is green and lush, all signals of fertility and vitality.

  • Calm, Peace and Relaxation

There is something about being under a large tree that invokes a sense of strength, peace and relaxation. This is a feeling that we rarely receive from any other thing. A tree rarely is flustered. Rather, it is calm and peaceful, quietly giving and nourishing.


**Necklaces come on a fully adjustable black waxed cord. Sliding knots allow for varying lengths to fully customize size, Cord can be removed allowing the pendant to fit on any variety of other necklaces,

Peridot Tree Of Life Pendant

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