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Find / Fall: Find - 2017
Location: Eastern, Kenya
Classification: Pallasite

The Sericho pallasite meteorite was officially "discovered" in 2016 when some large masses were purchased from villagers in Isiolo County, Kenya. However, the meteorites were known for much longer with tales of the larger masses being played on when villagers were children. Sericho meteorites are found in a strewnfield over 45km long with pieces weighing from less than one kilogram to masses as large as 500 kilograms.

The olivine crystals of Sericho are generally rounded and vary in color from gemmy green to orange. The metal-rich areas of the Sericho pallasite show well-developed Widmanstätten patterns. Small individual pieces of the meteorite often show evidence of having been torn apart. Some pieces have patches of remaining fusion crust.


This very large 95 gram slice meaures roughly 7" long by 3" high and is sealed in resin. This is standard for these type of meteors. They are sliced thinly to show the olivinecrystals then sealed to prevent damage of the crystals.

Pallasite Meteor slice with Olivine Crystals from Kenya

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