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Due to the larger size and weight of this specimen it will be shipped in a custome made crate. We are unable to calculate freight shipping costs through the website at this time. We will calculate and invoice the shipping cost to you seperately. For shipping quotes and estimates prior to purchase please contact us at 


Large multi fish mortality plate featuring 12 knightia on a transitioning depth layered sandstone plate. The fish are very well preserved showing scales and bone structure. Knightia are related to current day herring and sardines. This piece shows the destructive nature and force that must have been present in order to have killed numerous fish in the same instant of time. Having so many fish in a small area make this truly special and a one of a kind conversation piece.


Measurements of the plate are 22.5" tall x 27.5" wide. It is backed with 3/4 cabinet grade plywood and metal french cleats ready to hang in the home or office. 

Multi Fish Mortality 28" Plate

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