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This specimen coming from a quarry near Hakel, Lebanon displays 2 different species of aquatic animals.


The first is a rare example of a flying fish known as Exocoetoides minor. It iss the smallest of all flying fishes and usually does not grow larger than 3 inches in length. They have elongated pectoral fins allowing them to glide long distances over water similar to modern day flying fish. It is a rare species of fish to find and this one in particular displays the elongated fins very well making no mistake in the classification as a flying fish.


Secondly on the fossil plate is a species of lobster known as Eryma cretacea. It shows beautifully outstretched arms with the open claws visible at the end. A rare surprise to find 2 exquisite fossils in such close proximity. 


Fossil plate measures 4.5" wide  and 7.75" high.

Lobster with Flying Fish

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