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This specimen features a large partial palm leaf frond, diplomysus, knightia and 2 priscacara on a very large varying color and textured matrix.


The larger fish is known as a Diplomystus. These fish have an upturned mouth typical of a surface feeding predator. They are amongst some of the larger fish found in this formation as seen on this specimen which measures 17" long. The bone and scale preservation is amazing to both look at and feel. 


Priscacara are some of the more visually appealing fish to come out of the Green River Formation. They feature large dorsal and anal spikes making them easily identifiable amongst the other fish in this formation. They have a modern day sunfish-like body and features. In this particular specimen 2 small fish measure 5.5" long and are shown with the dorsal spikes raised and spread out for a great visual display.