The Keichousaurus was an aquatic dinosaur ranging in size of up to 2.7 m in length, They are well known for their pointed heads and sharp teeth indicating they were predators targeting small fish and other aquatic creatures. They had both long necks and ltails making them fast movers in the water. The Keichosaurus was ovoviviparous with eggs forming and hatching within the mother dinosaur. There are some fossil specimnes showing pregnant keichosaurus with babies shown in the abdomen.


This fossil is from the Huxia Formation, Guanglin, Guizhou Province of China. It is very well preserved showing raised bone structures and amazing detail! There are white calcite deposits in the slate giving it some added charachter. It is framed in a solid wood shadow box with a cover that folds to act as a stand for the specimen to be displayed on a shelf or mantle. It is amazing to be able to display a full dinosaur skeleton and have such a natural work of art on display in the home or office for many years to come.

Keichousaurus with Wooden Frame