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Citrine also known as the "Merchant's stone" is often placed near a cash register or money for its strong power to attract wealth, prosperity and success. It may energise every level of life, cleansing the chakras and open the intuition. It can stimulate the brain, strengthening the intellect.  Citrine may promote motivation, activate creativity and encourage self-expression.


Beneficial in the treatment of diabetes, it helps to stimulate digestion.  It may negate kidney and bladder infections.  Citrine can help eye problems, increase blood circulation, detoxifie the blood, activate the thymus and balance the thyroid.  It may also relieve constipation and remove cellulite.


Great size of tumbled stone that fits well in your pocket keeping it close to you for the most health and spiritual benefit. All gemstones are intended to be used as anciallary aids and not inteded to replace any medical treatments. The use of gemstones for their metaphysical properties has been around for centuries but is difficult to measure their true capabilities.


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